Thursday 2 April 2009

365 Day 33

On 365 cards today the challenge is 'white space': 'I would like to see you use only the top 1/3 or the bottom 1/3 of your card, leaving the other 2/3 blank.'

Mmmmm I think I've almost managed it.

I needed to make a couple of quick 'new home' cards, so what better than these. The first one just involved mounting a sticker on a couple of mats and the second one could easily have been done by a 4 year old - the cottage was bought just like that (it's been in my box of bits waiting for the day that it could be used).

I've also made a few more Easter cards this evening - about seven I think, but it's too late to scan/photo them - perhaps tomorrow, depending on time.
In the morning I need to make a few sympathy cards to fill the gap ready for my cards going along to WEF to hopefully raise a bit more money for Tearfund.


  1. great job hazel. I really like the last one. very stylized, which is actually hard to do. And not I don't think a 4 yr old could do it. cause i have a 4 yr. old and see him craft all the time... never seen something like this ; )
    thanks for playing!

  2. Great White space cards Hazel! Love your paper pieced house!

  3. Great cards. I love that house!

  4. I love both of these cards. Love it when you can combine needs with challenges.

  5. I feel like I'm cheating when I doa card as simple as your second one. BUT now I see that sometimes it's the best thing to do. Great way to show off that cute cottage sticker!

  6. Hazel your cards are wonderful I like the fact that you chose to use the top third instead of the bottom.

    Debbie Stelton

  7. Don't be so hard on yourself Hazel.

    1. The point of these challenges is to make lots of cards and use your stash. You can tick that box off

    2. A 4 year old would not have been able to resist the urge to fill up the 'white space', I know, I've crafted with my nephew and his motto is why use one sticker when you can use a thousand !!

  8. Thanks for all the comments - they've made me feel a bit better about them x

  9. Your cards are very nice! I like them!

  10. Hazel, these are fantastic! I love both of these - simple, yet very beautiful. Great job!


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