Tuesday 7 April 2009

BF April inchies swap

Since the weekend I haven't done much crafting, but I did manage last night and this afternoon to finish my two sets of inchies for the April swap on BF being hosted once more by Karen.

Karen said: 'I would like you to makes them all with BIRDS on and with WHITE AS YOUR MAIN BACKGROUND colour!!!'

So both sets have been done on white linen card which has a nice subtle texture.

On this first set, I've stamped part of a stamp that was within a BF kit - the stamp was an exclusive Bubbly design created by Caroline.

I stamped with Heritage dark walnut and lightly waterbrushed. picking up some of the colour from the ink pad and lightly coloured the leaves with Brilliance pearlescent ivy watered down.

This is what the whole stamp looks like:

For the second set I used a clipart bird picture available in Publisher, imported into Paint, where I changed the colours, and then printed out, finally using a Marvy pink pen to do the borders.

This is what the original clipart looked like:

I enjoyed making these.

I'm linking these for Sunday Stamper challenge 54: chirpy chirpy cheep cheep, which, of course, is all about birds! I'm also linking for Alphabet Challenge blog B is for ... birds! And also for Lots to do week 14: Art.

Yesterday we spent the day at St Thomas hospital for John to get his eye looked at (nothing serious, but disappointing in that the limited vision he had in his left eye has gone down further than it was and he also has a bit of an infection).

Today I met a friend for lunch and a catch-up, but did manage to get my second lot of inchies done when I got home.


  1. Lovely Hazel - I wonder how many of the inchies will feature Caroline's little birdie :o

  2. So cute, I love that little birdy :O)) Thanks for joining in Hazel ... Hels x

  3. Lovely inchie collections Hazel, many thanks for joining in the swap this week :)

  4. Beautiful inches Hazel, Caroline's stamp is fabby isn't it.

  5. love the bird stamp - great set of inchies

    Tis good to be a lady who lunches

  6. These are lovely Hazel and aren't you clever with the clip art, I wouldn't know where to start!!! Looking forward to seeing these irl X

    So sorry to read about Johns eyes X

  7. many little birdies and they are all gorgeous. Love the stamping. Brilliant inchies hun x

  8. Gorgeous inchies Hazel and many thanks for entering them in the Lotstodo Challenge

    x Hilda

  9. oh Hazel these birdie sets are just gorgeous. I love both designs and couldn't pick a fave between them

  10. Brilliant birdie inchies Hazel

    Thanks for joining in with this weeks Lotstodo Challenge - Sam xxx

  11. Lovely Hazel - really like that stamp. Well done for tying them in with so many challenges

  12. Awe they are beautiful Hazel. Thank you for making 2 sets for us. XXX

  13. Beautiful inchies Hazel, thanks for taking part in the Alphabet Challenge xx

  14. I love the inchies Hazel.
    I hope John is ok. Happy Easter to you both :)


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