Tuesday 14 April 2009

BF Paddy's CJ

I've done very little crafting in the last week or two, mainly because I'm still sorting and labelling everything and am determined to get it done once and for all (not that it won't need doing again before long!).

Anyway, I needed to do my DLO in Paddy's 'Nature's Beauty' CJ for the group on BF.

I've chosen Spring as my response to Paddy's theme - everything used, apart from the stitched ribbons, is from the DCWV spring range. On the left hand page the background paper is embossed and glossy.

I don't know whether it's because I've had a bit of a break or because I'm not feeling too good, but I found it so hard to get into this.

The first thing I tried was to stamp trees and sprinkle with flower soft - I wouldn't dare show it - let's just say it wasn't a success!

And I apologise to Paddy that I didn't take the card out of the rings to stick my backing papers because I couldn't get the rings open - I know, I am a weakling!! And John isn't here as he's gone up to Guy's foot health again and I wanted to get this done to get into the post.


  1. Paddy will be thrilled with your entry Hazel. :)

  2. Paddy will be thrilled with your entry Hazel. :)

  3. Thats absolutely lovely Hazel, well done.

  4. sorry anonymous was me, must have not logged in properly

  5. Fresh and pretty, Paddy will enjoy this, I'm sure!

  6. lovely and fresh looking,love it :)

  7. It's lovely Hazel. Paddy will love it. :) Hope you are soon feeling better. XX


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