Sunday 21 June 2009


Just a quick post to say that I'll be back later to do the draw for my blog candy.

My main laptop (that I used as a desktop) died on me on Friday evening and so I'm using the little one that I keep for using on my lap in the other room or for taking out (which I never do anyway now).

I notice that some of my recent pictures aren't showing on here - I've still got the original photos still on my camera, so at some point I'll load them on to here - not even sure that I've got the software on here to do so, but will see. It's just a mystery as to how and why they disappeared from here.

Although I had the best of intentions - and an external hard drive to make it possible - I still failed to have everything backed up, but still have a lot of recent photos on camera cards, so all is not lost.

I love computers, except when they go wrong ...

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  1. Oh Hazel. Deep breaths & ((hugs))

    Never rains but it pours. Good Luck with getting things sorted.xx


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