Thursday 25 June 2009

Salt: Fruit of the Spirit

It was Melita's turn to choose the topic for today's Salt challenge - you can read what she says here.

I've chosen to focus on 'joy'. You might think it's an odd choice, given the present circumstances - John in hospital following weeks of being poorly and this morning I've had to go to the GP and for xray for suspected new vertebrae fracture - but I feel it is an apt choice, because no matter what the circumstances the Holy Spirit enables us to have a joy that isn't based upon how we feel - and I'm so thankful for that.

My LO is based on Nehemiah 8:10, which ends with 'for the joy of the LORD is your strength.'

The paper is My Mind's Eye Bella Bella Paradise, which needed nothing much added to it (which is just as well because I did this earlier this morning before going to see the doctor) - just the addition of the K & Co letters and a Wizard die cut black butterfly.

If you click on the picture to enlarge you will be able to read what I've written.


  1. I shall hold that thought this week Hazel, thank you, HUGS for you & John when you see him XXX

  2. Lovely colour scheme Hazel and I like all the different fonts. Thinking of you both! xx

  3. Beautiful words Hazel. Thank you for sharing your beautiful layout & inspiration with us.xx

  4. Love the ransom note lettering over the beautiful, serene paper. Hope you continue to find joy in the midst of all the problems.

  5. You certainly do find strength Hazel, given all that you have been through, it is great that you have your faith.

  6. I love what you have done with the paper Hazel. The way the wording is arranged looks fab.

    You are an inspiration by the way you keep going in spite of all that has been going on

  7. This is wonderful Hazel and such a beautiful response to the topic!! God will reward your joyful spirit!!

  8. Hazel - You are a joy to have on our team! Your ongoing encouragement in the face of great trials is such a blessing to me! We continue to hold you both in our prayers.

    Your piece is beautiful and your words inspiring!

  9. this is so beatufiul wishing you all the best and keeping you in my prayers love cheryl xxxxxxx


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