Monday 3 August 2009

Yay! I made a card!

Yesterday a friend asked me if I happened to have a card in stock suitable for her husband's birthday, featuring tennis. I didn't, but I said I would make one for her, so I made this last night.

Crafting has been low on my agenda for the past few weeks so it was good to have a request that spurred me into action.

John's been in hospital now for six weeks. He's been making progress and is becoming more mobile, so it's hoped that he'll be coming home at the end of this week. He's going to need lots of support and regular hospital visits, but he's certainly better than he was a few weeks ago.


  1. Lovely to see that you found some crafting time Hazel. Lovely card HUGS XXX

  2. Did you hear the thud as I hit the ground? lol! It's great to see you managing make a card again Hazel, roll on John getting home.

  3. Well done on making something again Hazel, I bet it felt good.
    Hugs to you both, hope it's soon xx

  4. The card is fab, Hazek - what a great idea. I bet you enjoyed flexing your craftiness for a few minutes too!
    I'm so pleased to hear the news about John, fingers crossed all goes well and he's soon home with you again

  5. Really glad to hear John seems to be on the mend now Hazel. Love the card.

  6. Hi Hazel that's a great card.

  7. Fab card hun.. really good news on John.. here's to him coming home this week..

    HUGS xx

  8. great card hun great news about john coming home wishing you both well love cheryl xxxxxxxxx

  9. I have been thinking of you both Hazel and SO pleased to hear of the progress! Love and hugs.


  10. So lovely to hear of John's Progress Hazel.
    So love the card Hazel. I am sure the recipient is going to pleased to receive.
    Carole x

  11. Lovely card Hazel, hope John's able to come home soon


  12. Really love that card - such a nice fresh green (even if the weather is raining on anyone playing tennis this year!) Well, it didn't much for Wimbledon, and at least it keeps the grass looking good.


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