Saturday 26 September 2009

Young crafters

Paul came to see us today with the girls - it was lovely to see them. When Paul and Danielle went over to McD's to get lunch for us (to save me cooking - but I had made a trifle for afterwards) - Chloe and Faye decided to do some drawing:

After lunch the girls went into the garden to get rid of some energy - they played hide and seek for quite a while - at one stage I had to go and hide - went behind the shed, which I suppose was an obvious place, so Chloe soon found me.

Grandad John couldn't step out into the garden, so he sat in the doorway of my craft room so that he was included.

After a while, the girls came in and did a bit of serious crafting - stamping up images and colouring them in.

Can you guess what Faye's favourite colour is?

Chloe was taking her crafting very seriously:

And so was Danielle:

They all seemed to be pleased to be crafting in Nana's room.

And before they went home I stamped up quite a few images for them so they could take them with them to colour them.

Lol - Net asked if there was any trifle left - no chance - it went quicker than the time it took to make it - at least it was enjoyed!


  1. Glad to see John looking happy Hazel and good to see you starting them girls into the crafting habit early. tee hee :)

  2. bless them :) and bless john :)

  3. That looks great, gad you had a nice day.

  4. Looks like you all had a lovely day.

    Any trifle left?

  5. Oh Hazel what lovely photos of the girls having fun with your stash, and so nice to see John with a smile on his face. I'm sure it did you both a lot of good to have them around, even if it was tiring. xx

  6. So nice of you to show photos and share a piece of life with your pretty grandchildren. Being a gran is the best thing ever, that`s my opinion!

  7. That looks like a welcome slice of normality, Hazel! I'm sure it was tiring but a McD's would be a treat for them as well as an effort saver for you and it must have been so nice to have a change of pace from the daily grind of health-related stuff. Glad the girls didn;t make off with too much of your stash!

  8. Lovely photos, those girls look like they could brighten anyone's day!

  9. maccy D;s trifle and crafting now thats my idea of bliss

  10. Lovely to see John...looking so well.. I'm waving back! Looks like everyone had a fun day. What bonny grandaughter's.xx


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