Wednesday 18 November 2009

ATG700 tape gun review

Some of you have asked about the ATG gun.

I use silicone glue for decoupage or for things that need a stronger bond, sometimes use glue dots or sticky dots, but the main form of adhesive I used to use was double sided tape. However, I started to buy some of the little sticky tape pens - the ones that you use and throw away - some you can get a refill for, but the refill costs nearly as much - and none of them last very long. I found that I was either resorting back to DS tape or paying out more for the tape pens.

So, having heard good reports from a few fellow crafters, I bought an ATG gun and can honestly say that I love it. I've used it since the day that I got it (so much so that, with the amount of cards I've made recently, I've been getting through the tape rolls!)

It seems strange to use at first, mainly because of its size, but I found that I got used to it very quickly and actually now like the solid feel of the size of it. It does take a bit of practice to get the sticky where you want it - at first I tended to be too far away from the edge of the paper, but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

If you get some sticky where you don't want it, you can gently rub it away.

It's easy to change the reels of tape - only takes a few seconds.

I hope this review helps. If anyone has any questions, please ask.

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  1. one of the crafters I know loves this and really does recommend it - I got to use her ATG the other day and it really does do the business!! I will have to grab myself one of those.

  2. I love my ATG gun too and have just found a really great plce to get the refills from for £2.17 that a good price do you think? :O))

  3. Fab review Hazel. I've seen them and was tempted, am more tempted now!


  4. Very Helpful indeed Hazel :-) I recently bought one and 19mm tape both from the same site at a very competative price. I am getting used to the tape gun, and totally agree that if you get some sticky where you don't want it it easily rubs away with marking your project. I wish I could find a place where I could get 12mm sized tape without having to pay a lot for p&p - as sadly the place where I purchased the tape/gun seems not to do the 12mm tape but has cheaper p&p .. hey ho as they say. I am so glad that I have now purchased - am sure in the long run it will save money.
    Carole x


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