Tuesday 1 December 2009

Super surprise from Santa!!

A Secret Santa swap is taking place on BF forum atm - when it was time to sign up for it (and likewise for one on CBC) I decided this year not to take part because things are still quite difficult with John making a slow recovery and I just didn't know whether I'd be able to get everything together for the deadline - and I wouldn't have wanted to let other people down.

So I was really amazed this morning when the postie came and bought me a package, containing these goodies:

with a card which read:

Dear Hazel, though you deserved a little treat for being a "good girl". from a BF Secret Santa x

Whoever you are, SS, thank you so much - you've made my day. We've been up to Guy's again today and postie came just before we went, so I was able to undo and drool then!

As you can see, I've already opened the 'now' present - some rubber stamps - not sure how long I have to keep the others, but think I should also be opening the one that says 'first' - lol!


  1. aaww how lovely Hazel - enjoy your SS gifts

  2. What a kind gesture Hazel, you do deserve a treat.

  3. Awww, that was a sweet thought! Enjoy your packages!

  4. how sweet,i wonder who it was :)

  5. what a lovely thought. enjoy the treat :)

  6. That is really lovely and very thoughtful of someone. Aren't the Bubblies fab!!

  7. Awe you really do deserve this Hazel and I recognise the writing too!!!!! XXX


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