Wednesday 24 March 2010

Nearly forgot WOYWW

Wednesdays come round so quickly and I nearly forgot that today is WOYWW. I don't know whether I'll get round to looking at others today - I'm trying to ignore the fact that my back is playing up big time, but I need to respect it and limit the time I spend on here.

Anyway, today I've made a card, some inchies (which have gone into the post, so you can't see them here - in a post below) and tootled around with a few other bits and pieces. You'll see a pile of cards that I've made over the last couple of weeks - they need inserts put in and then bagging and labelling, but, as it's something I don't like doing, I think they'll go back in the cupboard for another day (or two or more!). So, nothing exciting to see.


  1. Can't take my eyes off your yummy Copic's Hazel. I have a spare tub if you haven't room in yours. ;) Your inchies are looking fab.xx Enjoy your goodies. Gez.xx

  2. Yes you're a woman who's been practically crawling around the house this week because of a sciatica, you must listen to your back - be steady and rest it.
    Ilike the box of little stamps..much better way to store them than the silly tubs that don't fit the square arrangement of my shelf!

  3. I have those hero flower stamps and hardly used them, not sure why...
    Hope your back feels better soon.

  4. i love your new stamp hazel :)

  5. Look how many pens and dst you have Hazel!!!!! :)

  6. I have spotted those hero arts flowers - I want those!
    So many cards done - you have been a very good girl! Love your copics!
    Thanks for the snoop!

  7. wow you've been busy. hope you're back is better today - take care xxx

  8. What a lot of cards you've made. Hope you back improves very soon.
    A x

  9. I have a bad back ....worse at the moment because I sat still yesterday and read up to blog No 54 !!! now I'm trying to get to the end . What a lot of cards the one I can see.

  10. great desk! love all the pretty colours of your copic markers together! and those yummy flower stamps!


  11. Love all those cards on your desk, sorry to hear about your back, hope it eases up soon.



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