Thursday 1 April 2010

Salt: Gethsemane

It was Pauline's turn to choose the topic for today's Salt challenge - you can read what she wrote here.

When I pepared my LO, I hadn't seen Pauline's and only discovered when I uploaded to Salt that we had both used the same picture of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane - I got the picture from here. It's interesting too to read the reflections of Linda who used the picture on her blog.

I based my LO on the worship song 'the Servant King' by Graham Kendrick:
From heaven you came
Helpless babe
Entered our world
Your glory veiled
Not to be served
But to serve
And give Your life
That we might live

This is our God
The Servant King
He calls us now
To follow Him
To bring our lives
As a daily offering
Of worship to
The Servant King

There in the garden
Of tears
My heavy load
He chose to bear
His heart with sorrow
Was torn
'Yet not My will
But Yours,' He said

Come see His hands
And His feet
The scars that speak
Of sacrifice
Hands that flung stars
Into space
To cruel nails

So let us learn
How to serve
And in our lives
Enthrone Him
Each other's needs
To prefer
For it is Christ
We're serving
For me, this song sums up the surrendering of Jesus to His Father's will and also reminds me of the earlier time on the same evening as he prayed in the garden, when he washed the disciples feet. As we approach Good Friday tomorrow, let's remember the tremendous sacrifice made by Jesus, the Servant King.

I used BG periphery papers and elements for my LO and thickers chipboard letters.


  1. NOt only did you and Pauline use the same photo - we all used Basic Grey on our layouts too! You two may have used the same photo but it looks quite different on each and both are beautiful. We sang the Servant King on Tuesday and it has such meaning in Holy Week

  2. Beautiful hymn and what an amazing layout Hazel...wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter x

  3. I'm really cross with our parish. An assistant priest introduced The Servant King as the hymn during the washing of the feet in our Maundy Thursday service - along with the traditional plainsong chant of "A new command I give you", I can't think of anything more appropriate and added to that we sing the "Ubi caritas".

    All a beautiful choice until some moron (glad I don't know who!) replaced Servant King with some banal ditty which doesn't have anything like the depth of meaning

    That is as much as I'll say about liturgy. Here's another good prayer for now:

    Take O Lord and receive,
    my entire liberty
    Take my memory, my understanding
    and my whole will.

    All I have and possess
    has been your gift to me
    To you, O Lord, I restore it:
    I leave it in your hands
    that you may order it entirely
    according to your will.

    Gift me only your Love and your Grace
    Then I am rich enough and desire nothing more.

    St Ignatius Loyola

    The 'gift me' sounds a bit odd, but comes from the German version of the prayer, where they use a word that means specifically to give a present, rather than just 'to give', and it is very much in the spirit of St Ignatius to see all of life, ups and downs, as a gift, so I've used that translation.

  4. Wishing you all every blessing in this special time of the year.

    And may God protect all who are responsible for worship during this busy time.

  5. Wonderful hymn for today's challenge Hazel! Beautiful work!

  6. Fab LO Hazel, great use of the BG; I'm unfamiliar with the hymn, but the words are lovely.

  7. Beautiful LO Hazel, the muted colours and patterns of the paper are lovely to keep the spotlight on the words and pictures.

  8. The song is perfect Hazel and your lo is so appropriate! Happy Easter!

  9. A beautiful song and a beautiful layout (great choice of photo! I got it from the same blog). Thank you for your response to the challenge.


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