Wednesday, 21 July 2010

It's WOYWW day again!

Wednesdays come round with alarming speed. Yes, it's that day when us crafters show our workspace and also have the opportunity to snoop on others. If you haven't heard of WOYWW, where have you been? To find out more visit Julia's blog - and then get the camera clicking to show us your workspace.

This week I thought I would take a picture standing back from my workspace and include the pull out shelf, which is really for keyboard, but is much better used for housing a few essentials so that they are ready to hand - and gives another little surface to work on if the main one is too cluttered.

The next shot is particularly in answer to Julia's question from last time - yes, the cut off bits from the guillotine do fall to the floor, but I have to admit that they don't stay there for long.

If you scroll down on my blow you'll see that since I got back from Eastbourne I've been mainly making Christmas cards - lots of 'Christmas in July' challenges around atm. Today I need to get on with my LO for tomorrow's new Salt challenge, so I'll be clearing the decks to have a nice clear space to work in - those who visit regularly know that I like my tidy up sessions! - and then I can mess it up again.


  1. Great workspace and love that pull out bit!! Good Luck with your LO.

    Happy Crafting!


  2. Love the desk Hazel and the pull out bit is great :-) I've been making Christmas cards since January LOL well last year I was still making them on Christmas eve!
    Anne xx

  3. Love your desk, and what a great pull out shelf.

  4. I like that pull out bit but mine would end up so full I wouldn't be able to close it again, lol. Very tidy, considering all the work you're doing. Good for you starting 'C' early!

  5. That pull out bit is fab ... I wish I had one! Great WOYWW this week!

  6. I think that everyone agrees that you are a genius and we all need a pull ou bit!!

  7. I still can't wrap my head around Christmas cards, but I bet you are the envy of your neighborhood. Like the idea of using your keyboard holder for an added craft space. I see you have one of those ATG that Julia was talking about, too. Happy WOYWW.

  8. I really really like your workspace too!!! I need a more organized space... one day :D sigh :D

    I am so happy that you won the Fresh Brewed Challenge... I am at dance with my kiddos at the moment, but as soon as I get home I will check my emails and send your image to you :D

    have a blessed day!

    Heather Dennis

  9. Hi Hazel
    great piccies, i see you are one of the girlies with the big yellow gun, mmm seen a few of them, have great day, sue,x

  10. love that you have a little desk to pull out when yours gets cluttered, now how do I fit one of those to my table! could do with 2!

    have a great week, hugs m xx

  11. great desk love the pull out drawer too love cheryl x

  12. Never to early to start C cards, November would be manic!! I had a 'pull out bit' but, it dropped off!
    I now have more room for my knees!!

  13. Aw thanks for showing the offcuts Hazel; this is actually a good idea - it would force me to sort the rubbish from the scraps each time.....thank you! Love the pull out section with the housed to think that some days you have to pull this out to create space, although somehow I expect it's rare!

  14. Since Julia showed us hers I've been count them...those yellow far quite a few!!Fab work space and very tidy Have a good woyww

  15. Sorry I'm late calling in this week. I'm having a really manic week and even had to pop to see my elderly neighbour in hospital last night [only a 62mile round trip :-)].
    Love your pull out table. That's so useful.
    A x

  16. Love the idea of the pull out bit on the desk. Great goings on, lovely satsh and thanks for sharing.

  17. It all looks fabulous!

  18. Lovely pictures of your great work space. Another lady with the yellow gun....not got one myself YET.
    Apologies for the lateness but I have had issues with blogger. Have a great Sunday


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