Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Back from Maidstone

I've been missing from blogland for the past week because we went to stay in Maidstone. John was born and brought up there, but hadn't been back to stay for many, many years. We stayed at the Hilton hotel, which was very comfortable, with excellent food and facilities.

We were able to visit some of John's relatives, with the opportunity to catch up on old times and enjoy their hospitality - two lovely evening meals on Saturday and Sunday.

John was keen to visit the church where he was a choirboy some 60+ years ago - he was head boy and also head solo boy. We were disappointed to find out that the church opened to the public up until the end of September - and, of course, it was October by the time we were there. However, we found a number to ring for information and found out that there would be some people in the church on Thursday morning and we could go along then.

As we entered the church we were given a welcome by a man who got chatting with us. When John told him he had been a choirboy there, having given his name the man chatting said he too was a choirboy there at the same time and remembered John - he used to call for him to go to school - they were in the same year group.

So here they are - two school friends together again - it was such a lovely surprise - John never imagined he would meet up with someone from the past like that.

We went to the service on Sunday morning - it started at 9:30 so we had to have early breakfast and John's cousin picked us up at the hotel and took us there.

After the service we walked down to the river and strolled into the town. You would never guess from the tranquility there that we were so near to the hustle and bustle of a busy town.

And we were blessed with such beautiful weather most of the time. When we left home last Tuesday we had had days of rain - and, indeed, Wednesday morning in Maidstone it rained hard, but it cleared by lunchtime and thereafter we didn't have another drop all week.

I haven't enhanced the colour on these photos - the sky really was that blue.


  1. Oh I see you have had a lovely week off! How pretty the riverside is.

  2. Lovely photos Hazel. I'm glad you and John had a nice week, you deserved the break before the winter comes in. John must have been a talented singer to get all those important roles in the choir, it must have been nice for him to have trip down memory lane.

  3. Gorgeous photos Hazel and what a spot of luck to bump into an old school chum for John.


  4. Great photos Hazel! Glad you had a good time and that you were able to meet up with some unexpected bonus people as well as the relatives you had planned!


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