Sunday 29 May 2011

Hobbycraft now in Orpington

There are very few places locally to buy items for crafting which is why I tend to buy most of my supplies online, but there's nothing like a wander around an actual shop to tempt me.

Anyway, yesterday I managed to get along to the new Hobbycraft store at the Nugent retail park just beyond Orpington and had a little crafty spend - having sold some cards at the summer fair where mum lives I figured it was OK to splash out (although actually by the time I'd given profit to their funds I spent double the takings).


  1. Loving that patchwork paper Hazel - what is it?

  2. Oh lucky you ... Hobbycraft sounds like a fab place but we've none over here!

  3. what a great shop you've had there hazel-have fun playing ;)


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