Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My birthday

I had so many birthday cards - I thought I'd show them in batches because there are so many.

Thank you, everyone.

If you click on the pictures you can get a closer look.

From family and friends:

From crafting friends on Bubbly Funk forum:

From crafting friends on Crafts by Carolyn forum:

From crafting friends in the Christmas card club:

Mum bought me a Hougie board - and gave me some money to spend (I'll be choosing some more crafting goodies). I had a lovely box of crafting goodies from one of my nieces and family and a necklace and iTunes gift card from my other niece and family. I have an M & S gift card to spend from my brother and SIL.

I haven't got my present from John yet - five Dreamweaver stencils should be on their way soon and some more money to spend as well.

The firm who are doing our bathroom atm arranged for this wonderful vase of flowers to be delivered (should really have taken a photo on Saturday, but, with all that's going on, I didn't get round to it, but you can see that the flowers are still nice and fresh):

Because of all the work going on here we didn't go out for my birthday - had pizzas etc delivered instead. When it's all finished and we're back to normal (whatever that is - lol!) we're hoping to have a day out - it will just extend my birthday celebrations.


  1. WOW Hazel, so many cards - you certainly were a very lucky lady. Hugs, Claire x

  2. Hi Hazel,

    Sooo many gorgeous cards thats lovely! And look at those beautiful flowers from the company doing your bathroom - thats a really lovely thought!

    Sounds like us crafters all do the same when it comes to our birthdays - we get crafty goodies! Its just the best thing!

    Hope you have a super week,
    Keryn x

  3. Lots of lovely cards and what a nice gesture from the bathroom company.

  4. You had such lovely cards for your birthday - bit belated but I do hope it was lovely for you...x

  5. What a lovely lot of cards and how nice to get unexpectd flowers too - bless them!

  6. wow Hazel what an amazing amount of cards all so lovely xx and what a lovely bunch of flowers too - enjoy spending your money on bits for you xx


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