Sunday, 23 October 2011

Interesting statistics!

I love visiting Jules' blog on Sunday and seeing what she's been up to and what everyone else has been doing with their snippets. This week, Jules asked:

'Have you ever looked to see what the most viewed post is on your blog?

Do you fancy sharing your most popular post? to find it simply go to your dashboard and click on 'stats' ... 'posts ... 'all time' and at the top of the list will be the post that the most people have looked at.

I thought I would join in and do this - I've never thought of looking before - I discovered that my blogpost that has the mosst views is Digi Purple Christmas from nearly two years ago. It's had 553 pageviews, which is over 200 more than the next popular post. The strange thing is that there were 29 comments, whereas I've had lots of other posts that hae had many more comments than that. I can't help but wonder why Digi Purple Christmas got so many viewings.

If you haven't looked at your own statistics, it's quite interesting to do so.


  1. Wow, Hazel, I can quite see why - it's quite stunning. I'm off to have a look at mine now. Elizabeth x

  2. Hi Hazel

    It is going to get even more hits now as we are all having another peep at it!!! LOL!!!

    Your Digi Purple Christmas creation is gorgeous .. .. just my shade of purple and a great technique.

    I am pleased you had fun looking at your "most hit post".

    Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Love Jules xx


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