Saturday, 26 November 2011

This morning's Christmas Fair

It was the Christmas Fair at mum's sheltered accommodation this morning, so I thought I'd show my table - quite a lot of people come to it and there isn't much room there, so I have part of a table. So this is me as I was finishing setting up - I did move the Sainsbury's bag before we started - lol!

Because of limited space I didn't take all my stock, but sold quite a bit.

Although I've been making Christmas cards throughout the year, I've sold so many for Tearfund, at our church's minimarket and supporting other charity events, that I now find that I need a lot, lot more for our own use, so I need to get going now and use up some of my stacks of Christmas papers pretty quickly!


  1. Wow. Now I know why you make so many cards. Your table looks great. I'm glad you sold a nice lot to support your Mum's home. Well done. A great effort!! Kate x

  2. That's a lot of cards! And I know you had so much fun doing this.

  3. wow Hazel you have made a wonderful display there. Glad the sale went well.


  4. How well organised and clearly priced - definitely an advantage, doesn't put people off if they don't have to ask! And there are loads too Hazel, you're year long application is very worth while!

  5. Oh! Well Done Hazel.xxxxx

    What a star! so wish I could have come today. Lovely to hear it was a success. Hope you are not too tired or sore. Love Gez.xx

  6. Well done Hazel on making so many cards for such good causes. Your table looks great here.
    Sue x

  7. Gosh Hazel, so many lovely cards. Well done you. Your table is packed....glad you had a good day. S xx


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