Wednesday, 18 January 2012


A quick post at the end of the day to join in Julia's WOYWW 137 (if you don't know what I'm talking about, just follow the link and you might well get hooked!).

It's been a difficult day and no crafting in sight, so these photos show my workspace after making a couple of cards last night.

An overview:

To the left of where I sit - boxes that need to be put away, including a box of Clarity Stamps - some are mounted on holders and some not - problem is how to store these because the holders are funny shapes - I really must work out a system that's better than shoving them all in a box together. And you can see the Inkadinkado snowflakes stamps that I love - used one of them last night (card is shown further down my blog).

Not a lot to show in front of where I sit - apart from the computer, the pink, black and white card I made last night and some more scraps ready to make another one.

Over to the right, a box of ink pads, mainly Big & Juicy, but also some Adirondack that need replacing because the colours have gone yucky and blended in together over the years. Oh - and two brayers that needs cleaning - couldn't be bothered last night and been out today.

So there it is, not very exciting, I'm afraid.

Last week I managed to get round most of the WOYWW blogs - sorry if I didn't make it to yours. Not sure when and how I'll get round this week, but I'll try.


  1. Hello Hazel, sorry to read that you haven't had a good day ... hope tomorrow is better for you. Your workdesk is lovely - it seems to be well thought out with a place for everything. I have only one of those Adirondack ink pads and the colours had mixed badly from the start but I've actually got to like the resultant muddy colour ... it has its uses :) Clarity stamps are difficult to store - I've thought of getting a rod put up to slot them on but I've no wall space to speak off so in the meantime and for want of a better idea they are still stored in a box. Love your display of wood-mounted. Elizabeth x #99

  2. Hi there Hazel,

    Tomorrow is another day and I'm hoping it's a good one for you. Your crafting area looks very nice and well loved.

    The card looks totally cute!

    Happy WOYWW

  3. Hope tomorrow will be better for you and will get you back into some crafting, forget the cleaning...who does that anyway? lol

  4. Hi Hazel, well i reckon your crafty space is looking pretty neat and tidy hun. Sorry it's not been a good one for you today. Lets hope tomorrow is better. Hugs Clare xxx

  5. Your crafty space is fab lovely bright and tidy very creative.As for stamps ive just made a holder from recycled card/hardboard from one of those envelopes that flat have the board to stop bending.Pop by and have look easy to do and saves routing through boxes.Have creative week
    hugs judex 14

  6. very nice work area!

  7. Hi Hazel. You sounded a bit down in your post, after a 'not good day'. Hope things perk up and that you're back making lovely cards today. Don't try hopping round everyone for WOYWW this week, chill and craft a bit! Di xx

  8. Your crafty space looks great, I hope today Thursday, is a bit better for you Hazel and get back to finishing your beautiful cards, Hugs May x x x

  9. Well I hope that a bit of WOYWW will have taken the edge off a long day. The overview of your desk reveals what I hadn't fully appreciated before..that paper rack is really quite high!!

  10. I'm sorry you had a difficult day. I hope things have gotten better! I love the pink, black and white card on your desk!

    Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
    Katie #16

  11. Just managing to make it round to a few more desks before the fun starts all over again tomorrow, I didn't realise how long it takes to leave everyone comments rather then just peeking at their desks, Your work space is amazing I love the look of your desk and the shelving unit on the wall, with all those lovely stamps on display, Hope you are feeling better and that you have had some better days now, Lou #94


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