Saturday, 25 February 2012

Suzie 365 day 56

Suzie gave us a choice today - either 'raindrops' or 'Saturday'. Thankfully, there are no raindrops here today ... the sun came through earlier on and there's a nice warmth coming through the window - very welcome.

Suzie said that if it's not raining where you are and any other interpretation of the word is too much for the brain cells (which it is!), show me something that tells you it's Saturday - that's easy, it has to be John sitting in front of the TV watching rugby - I say 'watching', but bless him that gets harder and harder as his vision has gone down more, but at least with Virgin Vplus box he can pause and rewind and get closer to anything he's missed (very handy too for when he dozes off!).

So here is my photo for Suzie's day 56:

Now I must get back to the Easter cards.


  1. That will be my dh as soon as England start playing! He loves rugby- used to play himself. The Virgin boxes are amazing aren't they!!!!

  2. Great pic. Good luck with those cards Hazel..xx

  3. Great picture.
    When my dad in France can't watch a football match on TV becasue it's on a private channel, he listens to it on the radio and he gets excited the same way although he doesn't see anything!

  4. Rugby and football here too. We also have a Virgin Box. great.

  5. sounds like a very relaxing saturday . hope we get to see your cards


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