Sunday, 12 February 2012

Suzie's 365 day 43: from the past

These are for Suzie's day 43: from the past.

The first photo shows a little jewellery box - very ordinary and wasn't expensive, but it was my Nan's. I can remember loving it as a child and I still love it for the sentimental value it holds - it sits on the windowsill in our bedroom.

I'm also sneaking in another photo - this time it's a photo of our wedding day - this sits next to our phone on the unit in our hall:


  1. Loving today's theme. I love your nan's jewellery box- what a wonderful thing to treasure and your wedding photo is lovely. I'm sure everyone will be having a nostalgia trip today.

    Both of the items I am thinking about were presents from family members and therefore have lovely memories attached.

  2. What a beautiful box!! i love it! I had a similar one my dad bought me when i was little, it played a song when you opened the lid.

    I must admit today's word has me crying because i left everything from my past behind.. which can be a good thing, but some times i miss "my things" and wish i had some of the little mementos my dad bought me before he died.

  3. The box is gorgeous Hazel, a real treasure! And what a lovely wedding photo! You look gorgoeus!!

  4. That looks like a box to treasure, indeed. Nothing ordinary about that :)

  5. Your nans box is beautiful and I love your wedding photo

  6. 2 lovely photos of lovely memories


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