Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Suzie's 365 photos day 59: grey

I had a peep this morning to see what Suzie's prompt was for today ... and then we were out all day at doctor's/hospital (see previous post) and so I wasn't able to take my photo earlier.

'Grey' made me think of my favourite 'grey' - Basic Grey - I love Basic Grey papers, so here are some of them for Suzie's day 59 (and there are lots more apart from these):


  1. What a lovely collection. Basic Grey used to be my 'guilty pleasure'- but haven't bought any for a while. This lot looks VERY tempting!

  2. This papers look yummy. I hope your DH feels better and better

  3. Hope John feels better soon. Love all your cards.

  4. This is quite a collection you have there Hazel!! xx


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