Monday, 27 February 2012

Suzie's day 58: misty or tree

Well, it's not misty here today, so I thought I'd better take a photo of a tree, but first, I can't resist showing 'Misty' - she was a lovely cat that I had some years ago who sadly only reached the age of six because she became ill.

 And digitally changed to make Misty look more ... ummm ... misty:

And now here is my tree for Suzie's day 58 - it's an old lime tree at the bottom of our garden that grows so quickly that we have to have it cut down every couple of years. It looks really quite strange at this time of year, but come the summer it will be a mass of leaves and look far less ugly.


  1. Hazel, such beautiful photos today !!! Your little cat looked so sweet.

  2. Awww gorgeous photos of Misty Hazel. Looked like a beautiful puss xxx

  3. awe, what a wonderful pic of Misty. She is still with you I am sure :-)

    Your tree looks amazing too! I'm sure my 3 would love to try and climb it. I could see them wanting a tree house at the top!

  4. Misty was gorgeous Hazel.

    I love the tree! I do like an ugly tree, it makes them far more interesting :D

  5. Misty is beautiful and I love the misty take of your second photo.
    Your tree is different and interesting.


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