Monday, 12 March 2012

Suzie's 365 photos day 72: garden

Gosh, day 72 of the year already! And I'm still up to date with Suzie's 365 photos!

Today, Suzie is asking 'what's happening in your garden?' To be honest, the answer is 'not a lot really', although when I really look there are signs of spring. We have a large back garden and because we can't manage to do it we have to pay a gardener, so we had lots of shrubs put in years ago to keep cost down and eliminate weeding as much as possible, so there's lots of green and not much else at the moment, but these are a few patches of interest that I clicked as I walked around in the lovely sunshine this afternoon.

Suzie's day 72: garden:


  1. Looks like a lovely garden- it must be lovely to sit there and enjoy it in the summer.

  2. So pretty garden, Hazel !I love the pastel colors !

  3. Your garden is looking very fresh and spring like today

  4. What lovely flowers you have managed to find


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