Monday, 21 May 2012

Suzie's 365 photos day 142: ornament

On Friday we went into Bromley and John wanted to get a card for our anniversary (this coming Friday), so we went into Clintons. Because John has difficulty seeing I had to point him in the right direction for his choice of cards and then wander around while he used a magnifying glass to make his choice - bless him, not easy for him. While I was wandering around I saw this little ornament and told him about it and he bought it for me - just a bit of fun!

So here is my ornament for day 142:


  1. aww thats lovely, what a nice thoughtful husband you have

  2. It is lovely- I hope you have a lovely anniversary when it comes around.

  3. That's a pretty ornament and what a lovely husband you have Hazel. It's so sweet he still wants to chose the card himself. xx

  4. That's lovely. Congratulations for your anniversary.


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