Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Suzie's 365 photos day 164: antique

I don't have any antiques, certainly nothing of value, but I thought that this locket might be suitable for day 164 - it belonged to my grandmother who was born at the turn of the twentieth century (think she was actually born in 1901 - I must look it up). Anyway, I have her little jewel box and this locket was in it. It has a photo of my nan inside.

Difficult to get a photo on such a dull day (yet again), but in the end I quite like the way the light is shining on it:

I'm wondering what you'll come up with next, Suzie ... we seem to be getting into older and older things each day!


  1. It is a magnifiscent locket Hazel!
    I can see that weatherwise you suffer as badly as we do. Wettest drought, ah ah ah !!!

  2. Gorgeous antique.
    Thanks to you, I found this site and a new hobby.


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