Saturday, 23 June 2012

Suzie's 365 photos day 175: nature

It's difficult to believe that we're already up to day 175 with Suzie's 365 photos, but here we are and Suzie is asking for us to show 'nature' today. Having been out into the garden to try and catch the sun (ha ha - went behind the cloud again, didn't it!) I thought of taking pictures in the garden, but then I remembered that I took a few photos when we were on holiday in Eastbourne recently showing little clumps of wild flowers growing at the edge of the pebble beach, so here are a couple for day 175:


  1. You can almost smell the ozone Hazel. Very pretty flowers. :)

  2. We live at Hastings and it isn't often we see wild vegetation on our beach but at half term we went to Bexhill and I took some photos like this of vegetation growing from the pebbles!
    Great photos

  3. I love the delicate looking flowers from by the sea. Lovely photos, Helen

  4. Love those seaside plants. They seem to be able to grow on almost nothing!


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