Friday, 1 June 2012

Suzie's 365 photos

Trying to keep up with Suzie's 365 photos while I'm away, so here are the last three days:

Day 151: groceries - a shop round the corner from the hotel:

Day 152: bargain - a quick photo taken showing a bargain in the window of Tesco Extra (unfortunately, reflection in the window of the buildings opposite, but nevermind):

Day 153: isolated - we caught a bus up to the other end of the seafront and had a coffee at the Pavilion before strolling along the prom. I then got a bit carried away and took loads of pictures for 'isolated', so here are some of them (I admit that I've cheated a bit on the third one because there were people in the photo and I've cloned parts of the photo to eliminate them):


  1. Great picture!
    I like very much your blog. Always find interesting ideas here.
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  2. Beautiful sea front. It reminds me of the new Forest.

  3. lovely photos, look like you are having a great holiday and well done on keeping up


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