Friday, 13 July 2012

Suzie' 365 photos catch up

Because I've been poorly I haven't been taking part in Suzie's 365 photos for the past ten days. I did actually take two or three photos, but didn't get round to blogging them.

So this is a catch up before I get further behind.

Day 186: dangerous - dangerous to exceed the stated dose

Day 187: empty - lovely to have an empty linen basket

Day 188: modern - I no longer have a newspaper delivered - I synch my iPad every morning to see the Daily Mail

Day 189: past its prime - this pear is past its prime

Day 190: broken - this Country Lines collection 'river crossing' belonged to my dad - he loved trains - the bush on the right hand side got knocked and is broken

Day 191: delicate - John's nieces gave us this lovely delicate ornament as part of our wedding present - it's only lasted 21 years because it's housed safely in a cabinet

Day 192: shiny - salt and pepper

Day 193: cold - inside the freezer

Day 194: motorised - no explanation needed

Day 195: flower - no fresh flowers here, so this is a flower ring that was at the base of a candle on the table at our wedding reception - some of the flowers were burgundy but have faded over the years

The quality of the photos leaves a lot to be desired, but my excuse is that I'm still poorly!


  1. well done on the catch up, hope you feel better soon...great photos :)

  2. Well done on catching up Hazel. Sorry to hear you are poorly.
    Rhea is also on Tramadol for her paws. It seems to be a very good medicine. She is OK with it but if I take some it makes me sleepy like anything. I hope you get better soon. It's nice to have you around ! xxx

  3. Excellent photos!
    Oh, I miss you so much, baby Hazel!
    Hope you get better soon.

  4. What a wonderful catch-up. I think the photos are excellent. I really hope you feel much better very soon.

  5. Great photos in your catch up. I'm sorry to hear you've not been well. You have been missed.

  6. Sorry to hear you have been poorly, so good to have you back, take it easy

  7. Sorry you have been poorly, hugs for getting better and well done on catch up too, some good word photos xxx


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