Thursday, 19 July 2012

Suzie's 365 photos catch up

I thought I'd do a little catch up for Suzie's 365 photos before I get too far behind again.

Day 198 : hero - Oscar as John's first guide dog - a real canine hero (I'm sure I've shown this photo before - it's one of my favourites of him - but  I don't think that matters):

Day 199: busy - As I'm still at home atm the only 'busy' I could think of was a photo I took in Trafalgar Square a while back - it's always busy there:

Day 200: airborne - the sun came out for a while this afternoon, in between the clouds, so I sat out in the garden for a bit ... and waited for a plane to come along ... eventually it did (not that you can see it much - lol!):

Day 201: cheese - this one was more accessible than the rest - I only had to stroll to the fridge:


  1. Your Oscar is sooooo beautiful. He looks like a twin to my Bubbles. I will try to post a photo of her in the position tomorrow.

  2. Excellent, Hazel! Congratulations on your beautiful photos! Welcome home!

  3. Hazel, well done on blogging and the catch up of a few days too xxx and all from home too :)

  4. Nice to see you are able to catch up Hazel and even got to sit in the garden!

  5. What a beautiful dog, you are right Hazel- a true hero.

  6. well done on the catch up, lovely dog.


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