Thursday, 9 August 2012

WOYWW revisited on Thursday

I know that a lot of WOYWW visitors think that I'm always neat and tidy - well, I thought I'd show you the state of my work surface now - and the state of my fingers (the hand holding the camera is actually worse).

I hope Julia will forgive me for revisiting WOYWW 166.  My original WOYWW 166 post from yesterday is here (#99 on WOYWW 166).


  1. Oh My goodness Hazel ...what a mess , but I bet you had loads of FUN Hugs Elaine

  2. Hi Hazel

    Well, I've seen worse ... and there is no way you can craft without gathering stuff around you. I've tried cleaning and clearing up as I go and find that I only have to go and get something out again anyway, so now I don't bother until I know I've finished for the day.

    And, I've seen your WOYWW post so I know that it will be cleaned/cleared again pretty soon :)

    Glad to hear that you are recovering from the shingles and feeling better.

    Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  3. It's a beautiful mess Hazel! Love it!

  4. Happy Woyww, love to see you getting in a mess ;) Im glad I am not the only person who gets stuff everywhere x

  5. I'm afraid I got a lot more inky than that when I started with my Dylusions inks, Hazel! I now wear latex gloves if I remember! Love your busy creative space.

    Thanks for your visit - I think my mess is worse than yours this week!! Hopefully I'll be a bit more sorted by next week.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #50

  6. Yay! Now there's proof that your desk gets as messy as mine! Haha!

    So nice to see you back this week. We missed you! Glad to hear you're feeling better too!

    Amy E. #8

  7. Now there's a creative desk! And i love the blue fingertips -the sign of a working artist (yesterday mine were red and purple!)

    Linda #139

  8. Hehe Hazel, nice to see your "dark side" too! Have a great weekend.

    Brenda 38

  9. Hahaha. I can't recall if your desk is usually tidy but I'm glad to know you can get good and inky. I went into jury service this week with fingers like that, couldn't get it off until I washed my hair!! Thannks for visiting, Cindy

  10. Thanks for stopping by, sorry I am so late with my return. Inky fingers are the sign of a good crafter!!


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