Sunday, 26 May 2013

Owl always love you

While we were out yesterday, we popped into a little shop a couple of doors away from the restaurant - one of those lovely shops that sells cards and all sorts of gift items. I saw this lovely owl photo frame - the gems are much more pick and purple in real life and really sparkle.

I've taken  cropped part of the photo of John I took yesterday and digitally joined it to a cropped one of the photo of me - not done very well, but passable - it is now sitting on the shelf above me - the frame is a lovely present from John for anniversary and the photo will be a reminder of a lovely time yesterday.

It was only by chance that we went into the shop and I saw the frame - glad I did.

There isn't actually a line down John's face - reflection from the glass!


  1. Perfect way to remember a wonderful anniversary. x



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