Wednesday, 6 June 2018

What's on your workdesk? Wednesday 470

It seems ages since I've linked to WOYWW. So this is for today's WOYWW 470. It's difficult these days to find much time to craft and I've been trying over quite a period of time to really sort my craft stuff, free up some space by giving some stuff away that I know I'm not going to use. I've almost finished sorting everything and labelled quite a few of my boxes, but need to finish this task ... I never quite get that far, which I find frustrating because I like everything to be organised.

Quite a lot of my time is taken up caring from John, including regular hospital visits, some of which take all day because of having to have hospital transport both ways, which involves quite a lot of waiting around, so crafting does have to be fitted in as and when ...very difficult at times.

I thought I'd show some of my craft room now, including my desk.

On the left, some cards that were made a while ago - need to be blogged. On the right, some labels ready to go on boxes, a pile of things to give away. In the corner is our freezer (small kitchen and wanted a dishwasher, so freezer is in here, but is hardly noticeable. I haven't got the Shreddies box in here for breakfast - it's to house my paper rubbish for recycling.

My trolleys of Really Useful Boxes - some still need labelling:

Inside a cupboard:

Handy little trolley:

Inside the bottom of a wardrobe: - the drawers are full of boxes:

I'm off now to explore what everyone else is showing today for WOYWW 470 - if you haven't done already, why not take a few photos and show what's on your desk today.


  1. Hi Hazel, I'm another fan of the Really Useful Boxes!Love your organisation, your room looks great. We too have a tiny kitchen, so our chest freezer is down in the cellar! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #18 XxX

  2. Wow, that's what I call storage solution! Love the cart that's similar to the Ikea one - I bet it's much cheaper too! Glad you were able to link up this week - hope you'll find more time to craft in the future - you'll have to! - you have all this amazing space to give justice to! Happy #470! zsuzsa #20

  3. Hi Hazel, love your organisation, it must be so easy to lay your hands on exactly what you want. Glad you were able to join in this week. Thanks for the earlier visit. Sarah #4

  4. What a fabulous craft room you have. You must have a fortune tied up in those plastic boxes and trolleys. Such great organization. I love how organized you are. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  5. Oooh, Hazel, I have serious storage envy, lol!! Look at all those lovely drawers and RUBs, all neatly organised - that really gladdens my heart cos I hate messy working areas. It's lovely to see you on the desks again, I appreciate your life must be so busy now but I think it's good to have a little me-time for yourself.
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  6. I am loving your storage - it all looks so beautifully organised, I bet you can put you hands on anything you need at a moments notice! Sorry to hear you haven't had time to craft much, hospital time is very different to 'normal' time isn't it - we seem to waste huge amounts of time there for only fairly short appointments!
    Hope you have a good week and thanks for stopping by my desk.
    Diana x #21

  7. Oh my! I am so jealous of all this gorgeously organised work space and you are right, just get rid of stuff you never use and probably wont again just have to keep telling myself to do it and pluck up the courage to act! Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x16x

  8. I love your space.. very colourful and happily organised too. I've been trying to sort out things I will never use and pay them forward to my friend who rubs her own child care business. The kids love stickers.. even really naff outline ones that I don't remember ever buying.

    Making space is a relief.

    I'd be afraid to have a freezer in my craft space.. it would be full of Magnums I am sure!

    Sumbunneh hugs x
    Erika #7

  9. what a wonderfully tidy and organised room you have! I am very envious... Helen #3

  10. Hi Hazel, I am drooling over your lovely organised craft room.

    Hope your hospital visits with John get shorter. I've had my fair share of being in hospitals, so know what it is like.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #10

  11. Hi there. Thank you for popping by, lovely to see you back on WOYWW. I seem to have been trying to get rid of stuff I no longer use and get organised!!! You have done a great job! Anne x #17

  12. Hi Hazel, your storage looks so well organised. A place for everything and everything in its place. I am heading towards that, mainly because my memory is shocking at the moment. Stamp storage is my next project! Thanks for stopping by earlier and have a lovely week Heather x #14

  13. Wow! Your organisation is amazing...I have been given some new storage similar to some of yours so have to do a major room sort to set them up (not a quick job). Thanks for popping by instagram earlier. X #30

  14. I love your room! Like you, I love RUBs too and have a lot. You are so organised! I can't bear mine at the moment and really need to sort out all that chaos! So glad you liked my photos this week, and the socks. Computers always break down when you are too busy to deal with them... New hard drive enclosures should arrive in the next couple of days and then I can get organised again. New phone came today but can't set it up till the SIM card arrives, also in the next couple of days. Lots to think about!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #25

  15. Lovely to see you HAzel! ANd my word, if anything since I last sae you, you’re more organised! Love that wall of RUBs, they look cheerful in colour don’t they.Carving out time to craft when you’re a care is hard, but I hope when you can you do, it’s such a good therapy!

  16. Good morning, Hazel. Sending hugs and strength with those hospital visits for John. Loving your organization! So bright and cheery. Thanks for stopping by this week. Cya Wednesday! Kelly #24


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