Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Having returned to What's on your workdesk Wednesday, having been missing for quite a time, I'm determined to take part again this week.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, the head over to WOYWW 472 at Julia's lovely blog and find out ... and I hope you'll join in the fun.

There isn't much of interest on my desk today .. just the remains of making a couple of cards yesterday that were blogged and a few bits of paper left out and another Santoro decoupage  kit waiting to be put together. In an hour or two there probably won't be much actual desk seen because I'll probably have stuff all over the place.

However, someone who commented on my post made for last week's snoop around, mentioned storage of wooden stamps and it made me realise that, although I'd shown most of my craft stuff I hadn't actually opened and shown the drawers where I keep embossing powders, etc ... and also lots of wooden stamps: And I have a supply of pens on top of the chest of drawers:

I have a shelf above a couple of my trolleys that house some really useful boxes, which is a nice way of displaying some of my stamps.

I also have a couple of boxes that house some smaller wooden stamps.

I remember a few years ago, when I started to buy more and more unmounted stamps, I said that was the way to go because they take up far less space and that I wouldn't be buying any more wooden stamps ... well that decision didn't last because my collection has definitely continued to grow ... I just love them.

In a while I'll visit some of the blogs linked for WOYWW 472 and I hope you will too.


  1. It's all so wonderful and tidy Hazel.. How I long for a space just like this to create in although it would not stay tidy for long it would be my saving grace!! With everything having a place.. Maybe one day *Sigh*
    Thank you for sharing and Happy WOYWW.
    Creative wishes Tracey #7

  2. Morning Hazel. How lovely to see you back here - I was MIA last week, so missed your return... You have an amazing collection of pens! But then, you have lots of stamps which will need colouring in! Hope you get all done you want to on your desk today. I haven't forgotten your challenge - just haven't had the opportunity to make any Christmas cards yet this year!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  3. I've enjoyed the snoop today Hazel! I love how organised everything is, although I have to say I do pull all my stamps off the wooden blocks and mount them on EZmount. That way I can squish more and more into my small studio space!
    Hope you have a good week,
    Diana x #19

  4. You're a girl after Julia's own heart - she loves wooden stamps too! I think they're mini artworks in their own right. Your storage is wonderful I love the fact that you can see where everything is/ wasted time searching for stuff :-D
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

  5. Happy WOYWDW
    Love your storage'

    Lilian B #17

  6. I agree with you Hazel. I am NOT a fan of unmounted stamps, and I like the clear cling stamps even less.For me, wood mounted stamps are the way to go. You have more in ONE drawer than I own together. I enjoyed seeing I'm not the only one who likes these little wooden gems. Happy WOYWW from # 6.

  7. Hi Hazel, I must admit that whilst I started off with wood mount stamps, I did eventually end up unmounting almost all of them, I only have about two dozen, mainly really large ones, left. Now my unmounted stamps have reached ridiculous proportions! lol. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz#8 XxXx

  8. Hi Hazel, You didn't put your number, but I tracked you down:) You are #20.

    I love your organised craft room. I much prefer wood mounted stamps, but I don't have many. How do you remember what you have?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #12

  9. what a great tidy space you have! Helen #2

  10. Wow-thanks for opening the drawers! Lots of stamps! I used to store my wood stamps in boxes by topic, but I just had SO many, it was hard to find the stamps I needed. A few years ago I was like you - dedicated to my wood, but now I have unmounted almost all my stamps, and they are now stored in binders. So much easier to see what I have! It was hard to let go of the wood, but I'm glad I did! have a great week, Lindart #29

  11. That's a very impressive pen collection and you have so many rubber stamps! I'm a bit jealous, I must say! Thanks for your visit earlier - Happy #471. zsuzsa #22

  12. Hi Hazel, the only words I can summon are ... "oh my goodness". I don't think I have ever seen so many wooden stamps in one place- including the craft stores I visit! I am definitely in awe of your pen collection. I would struggle to remember which stamp was in which drawer! Thanks for stopping by earlier, and your kind words. Have a lovely week, Heather x #15

  13. Hi Hazel, I'm with you on the wood mounted stamps but still buy the odd one and just never got round to unmounting them but I do like them. Since buying a stamp positioner I get on with the unmounted stamps much better though. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a lovely woyww, Angela x18x

  14. I've loved having a snoop through your drawers.. I spied some sparkle medium which is a favourite of mine too!

    Sumbunneh hugs x
    Erika #13

  15. I feel guilty, but I'm coveting your marker collection. Blessings!

  16. I love your room, Hazel - it's so beautifully organised, and the display of pens is a work of art in itself! I don't see why you shouldn't go on using wooden stamps if you love them - they may be old fashioned but they do have a certain charm. I've unmounted the few I had, and use the wooden blocks as home-made blending tools with a bit of cut'n'dry foam stuck on, and they still have the little pictures on them!

    Thank you for your visit, and I'm so glad you enjoyed witnessing our kitties' antics this week! They are endlessly entertaining and such sweet little characters as well as being excessively pretty! I'm getting on pretty well with sorting out my retrieved computer files and the chaos upstairs will have to wait a while to get sorted - I'm hugely busy at the moment so need to watch I don't overdo things as I'm feeling a bit brain dead after being so ill. I also want to get out in the sunshine!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #32

  17. Hi Hazel, i do love how organised you are. I must admit to not buying wooden stamps these days, although I have quite few old favourites that I won't part with. I haven't got round to unmounting them, although I have seen many people do. Have a great week. Sarah #16

  18. Nice to see you again, I had to click on your name as I couldn't find you in the list with a number. Glad I did as it was a lovely trip through your craft drawers - so neat and tidy.
    Hugs,Neet 4 xx (and thanks for the visit to me when I was otherwise occupied with visitors yesterday)

  19. Wow! I love your organisation and how many stamps you have. I have very few wooden stamps and really need to sort them. I particularly love your pen storage - so good to be able to see and grab a particular colour easily. Mine are all in a jumbled heap which desparately needs some organisation. Thanks for popping by earlier. #37

  20. Great organization in your room! I think many of us made that same not buy wooden stamps. LOL I love stamps in all forms. Thanks for your earlier visit to my blog. Dorlene #30

  21. Your very organized for sure and so far I can only talk about c cards lol haven't made any must be working up to it hugs Nikki


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