Wednesday, 11 July 2018


I have blog candy here - why not take a look, tell others and link to try and win it.

It's Wednesday and that means a visit to Julia's lovely blog and lots of other lovely crafting spaces to explore and enjoy. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the head over to WOYWW 475 at Julia's lovely blog and find out ... and I hope you'll join in the fun.

On the left hand side,  just three cards that are still being worked on (partly covered because they will eventually be blogged) - I started these cards on Monday morning when we were waiting for transport for a hospital appointment for John and haven't added to them since. aThere are also some bits to remind me that I must make a commissioned Christening card. And, of course, the all-important cup of tea.

On the right hand side you can see piles of Kanban kits that have been bought over a period of time and boxed up till now. I thought it was about time I got some out and made some quick cards - my boxes at church could do with a bit of replenishing.

I need to try and get as much done as possible today because John has an appointment at the local hospital tomorrow afternoon and we're back up to Guy's on Friday morning ... so lots of time hanging around.

I hope to visit everybody's blogs linked for WOYWW 475 and I hope you will be able to join in too and have a look at what others are showing.

Don't forget my blog candy ... I would love one of my WOYWW friends to win it.


  1. I'm glad you're using up those Kanban bits and bobs, they're too cute to leave in a box - look forward to seeing what you do with them. Hope all the appts run smoothly and on time for you both xx
    Hugs LLJ 9 xxx

  2. Morning Hazel. Lovely peeps at your three cards. Do trust the hospital appointments go well for you both. I know how much hanging around there is at those times - our poor car knew its own way to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd by the time John went in for the last time! I think it had run a groove in the road.
    Take care of yourself as you care for your hubby - it's good you have your artwork and challenges to give you something just for you.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  3. Hi Hazel, sounds as if you are busy at the moment. Do you take anything with you to all these appointments such as knitting or a small colouring book? Have a great week. Sarah #14

  4. Have fun with your kanban kits!
    Enjoy crafting today
    Ellie #22

  5. Hi Hazel, love the look of the cards- black and white is my favourite combo! Hope the visits go well. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  6. Those black and white cards look stunning - so classy! Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#18)

  7. wishing you all the best with the latest hospital trips, and hope you get the cards finished soon. Just fitting in some desks before the match! helen #1

  8. Hi Hazel, I like the drawers on the chest. Did you decorate them? They are beautiful! Hope all goes well with John's hospital appointment. Have a lovely week Heather x #12

  9. Hi Hazel, great studio and very organised too. Hope the hospital appointments go well, got a few with my father at the moment. Have a lovely woyww, Angela x13x

  10. Kits are perfect for that sort of job aren’t they, when you need to produce but are a bit between busy days! I hope the hospital trips aren’t too exhausting...all that hanging around, what do you do? If I’m alone, I read, but if I’m with Mr, I tend not to take anything. He doesnt read for pleasure so I feel very anti social if I do! And now, I’m in the mood for a cup of tea!

  11. I love the little peek at the cards - black and white is so elegant and one of my favourite combinations - looking forward to seeing them in their entirety! The Kanban bits look interesting, I haven't heard of that name before - the beauty of desking is learning about all that fabulous craft stuff out there - I'll have to Google that now!
    Hope your appointments go well, sorry I'm late in getting round,
    Diana x #11

  12. I'm looking forward to seeing the cards. Just the peek is nice. Have a great week. Dorlene #34

  13. Hope all goes well for John at the hospital tomorrow.
    There is nothing quite a s good as a bit of Kanban when you want to make a quick card or two - great for church cards.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Neet xx 6

  14. Hope all went well for John at the hospital Hazel. Looks like you have lots of things to revisit on your desk, good luck with it all. I have so many crafty things to start but I still keep on buying more arghhhh!!
    Have a great weekend and Thank you for sharing WOYWW Tracey #2

  15. Hi Hazel, intriguing peek at your cards in progress. Hope all goes well with John's appointment - maybe you could take some stamped images to colour in whilst you're waiting, ready for cards??? Annie C #16

  16. Lots of fun things to play with there, Hazel. I love the flowery drawers on the left of the picture. Did you do that yourself? I hope John will be OK and that the hospital appointments go well and that you don't have to wait too long. I have finally got an a follow-up appointment after my operation in March and my subsequent infection - mid August, when he said he wanted to see me a fortnight after I was discharged!! Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you enjoyed my various activities this week!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #8

  17. Afternoon, Hazel. still working my way across the globe. I love finding those goodies that have just been waiting their turn. Did a bit of that over the weekend now I'm anxious to play. hehe. Hope all went well with John. Creative Blessings! Kelly #31


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