Sunday, 7 October 2007


'Show Off Sunday...lets see those wonderful photos!!!!'

There's nothing special about my photos today (not that there ever is!), but they bring back memories of our break in Bognor Regis in July.

I'm feeling rotten today - very painful back, which kept me awake most of the night - not feeling any better now, despite the regular mega painkillers. But looking at these photos brings a peaceful calm - one that speaks to me of God's wonderful creation:


  1. Beautiful photos... I love water shots!
    Hope your back feels better soon!

  2. Awww Hazel - hope you get some relief very soon.

    Love your seaside shots. It does look sooooo calming.

  3. Cor Blimey Hazel... thought I was seeing things when I logged into your blog... how much stuff you have made!!! I think I am going to come craft with you if my mojo leaves me again... you are wonderwoman :D
    Sorry to hear your back is causing you pain, hope it's a little better by tomorrow (( hugs ))

  4. Hazel I am so very fortunate to rarely get back and neck pain. I say fortunate because on the few occassions I have it has been unbearable :(

    I do hope that things ease up for you soon and you are more comfortable. ((hugs))

    Great photos. Yes nature is truly wonderful and beautiful.


  5. Such tranquil photos, beautiful. Hope you feel better soon, there's nothing worse than having a bad back!

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