Friday 16 May 2008

JB challenge week 11: alter it!!

Sonya said: 'For some of you that know me from other forums I have always been a fan of altering hot chocolate tins I did several last year and thought I'd challenge you to alter a tin! The only rule is to show the tin before and after. I finished this one this evening, hope you enjoy!!'

I love Green and Black's cocoa - with only a dash of milk so that I can really taste the dark richness of the cocoa. This morning I had to drink some and then empty some into a mug for later (that's a reminder for me to get this after this post) - so that I had an empty tin for this challenge:

I normally keep some rubber bands in a box, but it's never to hand when I need one, so I thought I would make a special pot for them - and so I made it to coordinate with the other pots that I've altered (more about that after this).

So I used DCWV paper (total mental block as to the name of it, but I'm sure someone will recognise it and jog my memory):

So now it will sit on my window sill with the other two altered pots that were done previously. In fact the tall one was made, I think, a couple of years ago and is so handy, as is the smaller one. They all have different coverings, but coordinate.

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