Thursday 19 June 2008

Bumbleberries CJ

It's my turn to add to Isobel's fab 'Poems to Ponder' CJ - well, actually, I don't need to post this till next Friday - for a change I've got it done early (which is quite surprising as I feel poorly today).

Anyway, the poem I've chosen 'Warning - when I am an old woman I shall wear purple' seemed to fit in well with the tone of the CJ so far. I love ths poem, and now that I'm already 60 I think it's time to put it into practice!

I used K & Co red hat society papers (couldn't resist - so appropriate) and other bits and bobs.

I loved reading the poems that Isobel and Kathy had already chosen and look forward to seeing the rest of Isobel's book when she's got it back.

I love these CJs - I've now got a new one to start for the group on Bubblyfunk - that needs to be posted on 1 July, but I'm going to try to get it done ahead of time.


  1. I have always loved that poem Hazel, I have it in a little book. Its a lovely entry, love the papers you used X

    I have tagged you by the way. Nothing too arduous, check out my blog XXX

  2. What a lovely poem - i'd not seen it all before, the embellishments you've used really do fit in with it.
    Sue x

  3. Great CJ entry Hazel. I love the poem and how you co-ordinated the LO to match.

  4. That's fab Hazel. I looked everywhere last week for that poem and couldn't remember the title, so thank you. :)
    Sorry I haven't been over for a while..........been very busy!

  5. Love the layout Hazel. I have a friend who lives in Canada who is in a Red Hats group. They have a brilliant time doing all sorts of mad things and yes, they do wear purple outfits and red hats.


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