Wednesday 10 September 2008

An 80th birthday card ... and a bonus piece of ribbon

Mum has asked me to make an 80th birthday card for one of her friends. A simple aperture card with a piece of K & Co Addison paper, a few blooms and a bit of Poundland bling (and the 80 in silver stands out a bit more irl):

The other day I bought a pair of PJs (cost me £5) which were done up with this long piece of ribbon - I measured it this morning - it's 66 inches long - so not a bad bonus!


  1. Lovely 80th card Hazel!!! Gorgeous ribbon......what a bargain!!! X

  2. What a pretty shade of blue for that card Hazel,, love it! Aren't bonus ribbons great? DH often buys me choccies when he travels - Godiva are fab chocs and even better because they have a decent length of chocolate brown grosgrain round the box!

  3. ooooh lovely ribbon - worth going back for more pjs just to get som more of that!

  4. It's funny you should say that, Kathy - John said: 'I suppose you'll want to go and buy another pair so you can get some more ribbon'!

  5. WHat a beautiful card there Hazel, the colour you've chosen is gorgeous, same as my bridesmaids dresses, lol. What a bargain with the ribbon too, my kind of bargains. XX


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