Wednesday 10 September 2008

HS:MS bag lady

Suzy has stepped in on HS:MS and said 'why not try find a 'Bag' in your space?'

Now, it's strange that Suzy has chosen this prompt, because a couple of day ago I went into Primark on a rare occasion (I like their bras - they're cheap, but more comfortable than others I've tried - anyway, before there's too much information, I'll get back to what I was saying!). Having chosen my items, including a pair of PJs that were tied up with ribbon (see the post underneath), I spotted some material bags which were just £1 each.

Trying to do the right thing, I usually try to carry a bag with me, but didn't have one, so I decided to buy one of the £1 bags so that my bras and PJs could be put into it.

When I was served, the lovely polite young man proceeded to put my bras, PJs and material bag into one of their brown carrier bags - I hadn't got the heart to say anything - and at least their bags are paper and not plastic:


  1. nice bags :)

    Primark is a greatshop. sad we don´t have it in germany

  2. Great bag!

    I went to our nearest Primark for the first time the other week. Didn't dare stay for long in there for fear of too many items leaping into my shopping basket!

  3. I keep hearing about the marvels of Primark but havent atually been to one yet. I think I need to remedy that, any shop that sells comfortable bras, is definitely a must!

  4. Oh I love that bag! Primark here I come :)

  5. Had to laugh at this Hazel!!!! Great bag...must check out the bras X

  6. They're both great bags. And I guess if you use the paper bag more than once that's being green too. Great shot.

  7. Ha! Well that tale fits so nicely in to today's prompt . . . excellent take Hazel and super bags too.

    Primark is in the middle of Manchester and I have only been once. I do like Matalan though, great value for money :-)


  8. I love brown paper bags :)
    Great shot


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