Friday 19 September 2008

BF Think Pink challenge 12:decorate a gift box or bag

On BF forum this week Di set this challenge for Think Pink:

'There are alot of people who simply hate wrapping presents so I thought it would be nice if we had some decorated boxes or gift bags to sell.

So you challenge this week is to Decorate a Gift Box or Bag in any theme you choose.

You can either use a plain gift bag and jazz it up or maybe even make your own.'

Well, I haven't actually decorated a box or a bag, but I've tarted up a tin which could be used to put a present in, or just to keep bits and bobs.

I started off with a tin that I got free with some Boots expert toiletries a while back (I've been wondering what to do with it, but was put off by the writing on the top):

I used alcohol inks (a mixture of stream and red pepper - the nearest I had to pink) on the lid:

and covered the inside with a piece of card (because the lettering was embossed all the way through):

I stuck a band of paper around the tin:

and then added a piece of ribbon around the paper (used Scotch vellum tape so that there was no adhesive showing), a piece of sticky gingham ribbon around the lip of the lid and blooms and big brads stuck on the lid to hide the embossed words:

Most of what was used was from a BF kit - some from the July kit and some from a TP one.


  1. You've done an amazing job with the tin Hazel! It looks so fab

  2. Hazle, thats lovely. You'vve inspired me to do one of Toms formula tubs now as I've been put off by the moulded lid too!!

  3. Hazel that is gorgeous!

    Love the effect you can get from just two colours, i often mess my projects up with too many inks.

    Great job! :)

  4. What a lovely tin hazel. I am thinking more and more that I need alcohol inks!!! X

  5. Wow this is beautiful. I popped over to check out your candy after you visited my blog and I love what I have found over here, will be coming back again for sure. x

  6. Love that tin Hazel, it's gorgeous.

  7. Lovely colours Hazel and the flowers look perfect. I'm off to find a tin... x

  8. Great job on tarting up a tin that might have seemed unpromising to start with - you'd never know the embossed words and logo were there!

  9. it looks scrummy and such a good way to hide the embossed bit.
    great colours

  10. Ooooo What a lovely idea, it looks fab!



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