Monday 2 February 2009

An award

I received this award the other day from one of my blogging and forum friends, GezzyB - it's the lemonade award. It is to recognize someone who shows a great attitude or gratitude. Thank you so much, Gez, for passing it on to me.
I so value so many lovely people who I've met through crafting forums and blogging. I am supposed to choose five people to pass this on to - a very difficult task because I certainly know many, many more who deserve this more than I do.
As Gez said, I hope that all my blogging friends will receive this at some point, but for the time being I'm giving it to:


  1. Thanks so much for thinking about me Hazel :)

  2. Lovely photos Hazel. The 3rd pic down looks very olde worlde. XX

  3. Awe, your welcome Hazel.

    It's always lovely visiting your blog. xx


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