Monday 2 February 2009


Well, we've certainly got snow here.

This is the back garden, looking out from the room where I do my crafting:

Just outside the back door to the left:
Just outside the front door - there are empty milk bottles under there somewhere!

Our recycling boxes are waiting out the front for collection - I doubt they will be taken today. (I had to zoom to take the picture - no way I was going out there!):

A tree out the front:

I'm staying in (so it means I won't be able to see mum, but have supplied her with a mobile phone, so am, hopefully, going to talk to her after I've done this).


  1. Brrrr Hazel! I shivered looking at all that snow. We only have about an inch or so here. You make that you and John stay indoors and warm. xx

  2. Morning Hazel and what a morning!!! We have the same here in Oldham - beautiful pics though!!! Stay home and stay warm.

    Hugs Hilda

  3. well tis freezing and snowy here too , but id rather look at your Fab photos of it Hazel than be out in it ! lol .

  4. What lovely snowy photos Hazel

  5. You certainly have had a lot of snow Hazel. Hope it clears away and you can get out, but I doubt if that will be today.

  6. Fab pictures Hazel, i just love the snow


  7. Brrr, we just got the snow today and if it keeps it up, round our way will probably look the same as yours by morning lol, great pics, i love photography.

  8. Wow, you've got your own winter wonderland Hazel. It looks soooo deep on your recycling boxes!
    Stay warm. xx

  9. wowsers! plenty of snow! wheres the snowman hazel! you have enough thtere to build a femily of snow people! lol


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