Tuesday 31 March 2009

Dewdrop Craftz Competition prize

Postie's just brought me my prize from the competition on Dewdrop Craftz - thanks so much, Nikki, for such a fab selection.

It's great that, although I've already got some zoomz, I haven't got these colours and I've never seen the Saturn ones before - I'll enjoy using them.

There's a new competition on Dewdrop Craftz, so why not pop on over there and have a look and join in - you might be a lucky winner, like me!

And postie brought me something else very special this morning - my CJ from the group on BF has come back home to me - I'm taking pictures and will be showing soon.


  1. Congratulations Hazel. Enjoy your prizes. Can't wait to see your CJ!!!

  2. Congratulations Hazel!!! Those Zooms look interesting! X

  3. Oh wow lucky you Hazel!!

  4. Congratulations on your prize Hazel.
    I have some zooms but never think to use them, don't know why.
    Sue x

  5. Well done Hazel, enjoy your prize!

    love Dingle.xx

  6. How lovely, well done you!


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