Friday, 25 September 2009

Bumbleberry fat book group

I had the privilege of joining in a group to make a fat book on Bumbleberry forum. The topic was' I, me, myself' and each person in the group made a page. They were all sent to Kathy (thank you, Kathy), who sorted them and sent them out to us so that we each got a page from everyone, including one of our own pages back.

As usual, you can get a better view by clicking on the pictures.

These are the pages that I did, using various papers from BG wisteria:

This is mine that I received back:

These are all six pages:

They are gorgeous, aren't they?

I now need to make a cover and make them up into a book - will use my BIA for that.


  1. OOhh those are lovely, what a great swap.

  2. These are going to make a fab book Hazel, have fun binding them!

  3. Wow those look fantastic Hazel.xx Looks like everyone had great fun. What a fab idea. Enjoy.xx

  4. Wonderful pages Hazel. Not heard of the expression "fat book" and had to come over for a nose to see what they were like.

    I'm liking them. :)


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