Thursday 1 October 2009

Just for Karen

Karen left a comment on my WOYWW picture from last night, asking if I'd show more of the stamps that were at the top of the picture.

So here they are - difficult to see what's there really because they are squeezed behind and on top of one another to use the available space. Once upon a time I said that I wouldn't buy any more wood mounted stamps because they take up too much room, but I seem to have forgotten that I ever said that. And I do happen to have a few (!) acrylic and unmounted rubber ones too.

A better view if you click on the pictures - oh, and please excuse the teddy's paw on the top right of the second picture - all teddies etc live up on the top shelf.


  1. Awe thank you Hazel. I recognise a few there that I also have!!! I have loads of acrylic & unmounted too but always prefer the mounted variety. Thank you for showing me! XXX

  2. thats a bit organised hazel :)

  3. What a lot of stamps you have there Hazel. :)


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