Thursday 24 December 2009

Clean and Simple blast from the past

It's been a busy day (as, no doubt, it has been for most people) - although not with any hassle. I've mainly been baking - sausage rolls, cookies, scones, chocolate cake ... and preparing for tomorrow.

So, now I'm having a little crafting time to myself - I don't want to do anything involved or that takes too much effort, so I remembered Clean and Simple and thought I'd do something for this week's 'blast from the past', which is this sketch (FTL73):

Sometimes I buy papers without thinking what I'm going to use them for - I like the look of them, but when it comes to it I sometimes get stumped as to what to do with some papers.

I had this 3 bugs in a rug 12 x 12 tickled pink dream which I'd had for ages, waiting for inspiration as to how to use it. It fitted this sketch perfectly, without too much thought or effort, just the addition of the sentiment. So I decided to make two out of the same sheet and, because the front of the card is so simple, I decided to continue the dotty paper on to the back of the card, which makes quite a nice change to the normal plain back.

Sorry, the scans are a bit crooked, but the cards aren't.

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