Thursday 24 December 2009

Salt: Jesus joy!

It was Ruth's turn to choose the topic for today's Salt challenge and you can read what she wrote here.

I've based my A5 landscape card on an old hymn that outlines the reasons for Christ's coming to earth - not just the joy experienced at Christmas when celebrating the birth of the child at Bethlehem, but our rejoicing at the forgiveness we receive and the way that He shares our hopes and fears, whether in joy or sorrow.

I jused a simple picture of Mary with the baby Jesus, changing it a bit in Picture It and using it as a backdrop for the hymn. The 'joy' is chipboard (another pieefrom one of the packs of festive 3D decorations from Poundland).

If you click on the picture you can read the words of the hymn.

During the next fortnight we would love you to visit the Salt blog and perhaps make something for this theme - if you do, please leave us a comment so that we can come and look at your crafting.

I apologise to anyone who visited earlier - I prepared this post in advance, but hadn't put the link in to get to what Ruth said - all done now!


  1. What a wonderful hymn Hazel and you have put your piece together so well. I never find anything that nice in Poundland!

  2. Beautiful Hazel! A lovely addition to this challenge. Merry Christmas to you and John Hazel!! :)


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