Wednesday 6 January 2010

WOYWW today?

WOYWW today? The answer is: 'not a lot'! Not much crafting activity yet this year. As you can see from the scattered bits and pieces, I inked up and embossed a few images yesterday afternoon, using a couple of my new stamps from Christmas ... but as yet nothing more has developed. You can even see the card blank, still blank, waiting to be used ... hopefully I'll feel like doing something with these later. I think just the sight of the snow must be numbing my brain and my mojo!

If you haven't yet discovered WOYWW, then why not visit Julia's blog and then you can have a nosey at everyone else's workspace.


  1. I hope your mojo returns soon cos I want to see some crafting next week :-)
    A x

  2. Blog hopping tells me that there is a lot of missing MOJO around ... where as I want to make Christmas cards ... mad huh????

  3. Hi and dont feel bad I lost my Mojo too, but thinks your desk looks great and im loven the shelves you have for the stamps
    Hugs Normajean

  4. It's just too tidy for words! Get in there and mess it up a little... it would make me feel better about my space. I must say that I envy you your craft area, it looks amazing!
    Let's hope you find your Mojo really soon!

  5. I hate it when Mojo goes walkies. I hope you find her soon, lots of loveliness on your desk to play with!

  6. It'll happen - you'll remember a birthday or someone will need a card for something and you'll be off with us mere mortals staggering behind you. Meanwhile, you desk is a patient friend!

  7. We all get like that at times Hazel. One of my new Christmas stamps for this year arrived this morning, the plan is to get as many Christmas cards made in January as I can - usually toooo last minute. Love your workspace :)
    Anne x

  8. If the snow clears I hope to get round to mess up your space as it's very tidy today!! x

  9. Looks very tidy, I know how you feel am struggling to get into anything today, but I'm using the excuse that I'm looking at everyones desks for inspirations and have no doubts I will find some!

    Hugs Pam

  10. Oh your desk looks busy Hazel
    I love your 12x12 paper rack can I ask you where I can buy one that is so handy , I have seen A4 but not 12x12
    Hope you are keeping warm
    Hugs Susie xx

  11. What’s this stamps………looks like you already have a very nice collection of them already!
    I’m sure that now you have those images stamped and coloured you’ll soon be itching to do something with them.



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