Thursday, 14 October 2010

WOYWW 71 a day late

We came back from Maidstone on Tuesday and yesterday seemed to go by in a flash, so I didn't get round to WOYWW 71. So this is a day late - should now be called WOYWT instead.

Having taken on a commission to do 300 Christmas cards - designed on computer and printed - before we went away I printed some and didn't realise until I went to print on the other side that ink had smudged from each one on to the back of the next.

So now I'm printing them off and putting them around the room - will be starting on the bedroom next - and hoping they will dry. The card has a sheen to it, which is why they are not drying - they're not actually wet or even damp, but cause a bit of a smudge if they are piled together. I think I might have to give each one a blast with the heat gun.

So this is my workspace today - notice that I've left a bit of a space so I can still use the computer and perhaps do a bit of crafting at some point - although I need to take each card off the printer individually, so I can't just leave them.

Back to the printing!


  1. Oh dear, what a disaster for you and what a big job ahead of you! Your workroom looks very neat and tidy despite the cards spread out to dry:) Regards, Elizabeth (Silverscrapper)

  2. Gosh that's a lot of printing Hazel! Hope they dry satisfactorily. Looks like a nice landscape picture - is it a personal photo?

  3. Hope all goes well this time - you'll have to revamp the old ones with a new idea1
    sasa 10

  4. Could you blot off if they still don't dry Hazel? Just lay it face down on a sheet of scrap A4 and rub over the back lightly (tedious but better than wasting all that card!).

  5. oh dear, what a shame about the first batch - you must have been really cheesed off. I hope this lot dry properly. Love that you've left that little bit of space just in front of your computer

  6. 300 cards? wow!

    Hope they are drying ok.

    Don't worry about being late, I am too!


  7. Goodness that's a lot of cards to blast with a heat gun if necessary - could end up a bit warm where you are! Hope all goes well :-) Christine #7

  8. All those card neatly placed in line are beautiful pictures on their own. They make their own art. I missed you last week, so glad you are back. Do you ever seal your pages? I find that keeps my ink from running. Happy belated WOYWW from #2.

  9. Aww, shame about the first batch Hazel. How neat is your desk too...wish mine was like that LOL xx

  10. Oh dear, what a shame
    Was it ink residue or smudged form one to another?
    If residue, wipe the printer rollers...if from each other, forget I spoke lol

    See you again, have a great week
    mandi xx

  11. Hope they did dry out for you. 300 is a lot of crafting. Cannot imagine having to do so many - good luck! #142

  12. 300! And you need to spread out all of them! Wow, sounds like some very busy time! Good luck!

  13. Good luck on the 300! oho and smudging ink, not good, hope you can sort that out
    Happy WOYWW

  14. Wow - 300 cards - what a great commission. Did you set your print according to what paper you were using as it will lay down the right amount for gloss paper at the side of a regular paper... i'm sure you did that - having 300 to do...

    Do you have anything else to do with them - are you embellishing them for eg.

    good luck.

    Paula x x x

  15. I am overwhelmed with your project!!!!
    Glad to hear it turned out o k fro your latest post!!!


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