Wednesday, 26 January 2011

It's official!!

I should definitely stick to cardmaking.

It's just as well that my 'playtime' today was to create something just for me, because nobody else would want it!!

I showed lots of crafting supplies on my WOYWW 86 post, getting ready to decorate a canvas just for me - well, it's staying 'just for me' because I'm too embarrassed to show it here!

I still love my melting pot (oh yes, it made a good job of melting the beeswax) ... but as for the encaustic art stylus ... mm ... anyone want to buy it?

The canvas is going in the bin ... and I'm going for a much-needed cup of tea.


  1. But did you have fun? Or just get frustrated? If it was fun then you've achieved the main aim of the exercise, I reckon!

  2. Yes, I did enjoy my 'playtime' so I suppose you're right, Joanne. And perhaps I shouldn't abandon all thought of trying again - could learn a thing or two from this session x

  3. Okay so now you learned what not to do so go and try something else. Like you said it was just $1 (no pound sign on this computer!!!) so not a big loss. and you had fun so try again. Vickie #59

  4. Don't give up. Get it out of the bin and put it aside for a while to see if there is a way of recycling it into another format. Have fun.


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